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The Best of the Algerian dates, chosen with care, just for your pleasure.

Producer & Exporter Of Algerian Dates...


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Deglet Nour, Queen of all Dates,

more than being Sweet with a soft honey-like taste,

comes with a plentiful benefits for health :

Great energy booster
Boost the nervous system & increase sexual stamina
Maintain healthy weight
Diminish allergic reactions
Strengthen the bones
Reduce the risk of stroke
Lower night blindness
Provide energy for anemic patients
Promote healthy bowel movements & control diarhea
Prevent abdominal cancer

GoldenSeed sarl. is present every year at the world's largest annual food trade show.

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Who we are

GOLDEN SEED is an Algerian company specialized in processing, packaging and exporting dates originated from the Algerian Sahara.

GOLDEN SEED offers, to the international markets, a range of high quality products including the Algerian well known Algerian Deglet-Nour dates.

GOLDEN SEED is out in force on the international market for its product range and its brands, we are now also regularly present in international fairs and exhibitions as ANUGA COLOGNE, and GULFOOD DUBAI and other events in Eastern Europe east Asia and Africa.

Algerian Deglet-Nour is the leader product in our activities, Algerian Deglet-Nour is the most famous date among other dates categories and the most apriciated variety around the world.

GOLDEN SEED invest in quality and knowledge to offer to its customers a product that meets the standards and international requirements.

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