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Golden Seed is an Algerian company specialized in processing, packaging and exporting dates originated from the Algerian Sahara

Golden Seed offers, to the international markets, a range of high quality products including the Algerian well known Algerian Deglet-Nour dates

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Date paste

Produced for a long time by the date producing countries, the date paste is as old as the culture of the date palm in these countries. The process for obtaining date paste is done in this way, a selection of soft dates; sometimes pitted by hand, are simply crushed. We then obtain a marvel of flavors, the date paste. In addition, just like the fruit from which it comes, date paste is very rich in dietary fiber, with protective and regulatory properties for our body. Antioxidants are also abundant, perfect for our body thanks to their ability to protect our cells. The carbohydrates present in date paste also allow you to fill up on energy! In addition it contains vitamin C and vitamin, which are good for the skin, these vitamins indeed aid in better regeneration of the skin as well as in better elasticity. Date paste helps fight anemia and general fatigue thanks to its Iron content. Finally, magnesium, mineral salts and manganese are present in the date paste. They are excellent for strengthening, bone health and preventing depression. Therefore, This dough contains all these benefits, with an extra superpower: it is an alternative to sugar for your favorite recipes. This dough will therefore prove to be your best friend to change traditional sugar and find another source of pleasure and well-being. Date paste makes great sweet desserts. Indeed, by incorporating it into a recipe, it is the final touch of flavors by adding a hint of sweet taste.

Golden Seed is out in force on the international market for its product range and its brands, we are now also regularly present in international fairs and exhibitions as ANUGA COLOGNE, BIOFACH GERMANY, GULFOOD DUBAI and other events in Eastern Europe east Asia and Africa.

Golden Seed is the leader product in our activities, Algerian Deglet-Nour is the most famous date among other dates categories and the most appreciated variety around the world.

Golden Seed invest in quality and knowledge to offer to its customers a product that meets the standards and international requirements.

We aim at climbing the international ladder and become one of the leading companies in the market as an innovative and efficient rival. As we are aware of the proficiency of our human resources who will strive to meet your expectations and overcome the challenges also. Thus, we seek professionalism, growth, and integrity through the following values.